Our Company is A Leading Company in the field of supply, installation and production of decoration materials, interior design and wood crafts for various residential and commercial categories.

Wooden Industries

Variuos details, various means, modern and classic styles are extremely opulent, beautiful and workable in producing pieces of wooden furniture with high quality specifications and that by depending on several factors leading to innovation, renovation and high proffessionalism in what we offer for furniture, and decor manufacture, most nearby;

Materials going between luxuary and durability

In AYYOUB ISTATIEH GROUP & BROTHERS and unlike others of decoration companies we care about the details of wooden industries, where we combine between the quality of quality materials provided on the one hand, and the beauty and charm of the final pieces on the other, and the merger between professionalism and the advanced contemporary industry.

Integration of elements and mastering materials

We adapt raw wooden materials make them in line with every pattern required, whether classical or modern, where you can thereby an ambience fullof charm and unique poetic splendor.
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